Musical Inspiration: How to Get Inspired to Write

Finding Musical Inspiration

Songs have many ways of coming into existence and are truly never finished. The hardest part is getting inspired to start writing. Use some of these techniques to build opportunities for inspiration and get that idea from your head into the world.

Engage all of your senses

Inspiration comes when you’re exploring other things and activated different senses through new experiences. Pick a country and try cooking a dish they are known for. Listen to the music of that country while you’re cooking and let it absorb into your subconscious.

Consume other mediums

A lot of inspiration can come from other mediums. Relax, take a break from music and watch a movie you’ve never seen before. Go to a museum and take in some other forms of artistic expression. Think about the process these artists must have gone through and apply that process to your own craft.


Some of the finest stories come from outside of your comfort zone. What better way to get out of your comfort zone than going somewhere you’ve never been? Take a solo trip out to a cabin or a beach somewhere and take in the scenery, culture, sounds and smells of a new place, it just may give you something to write about.

Explore your own city

If you can’t get out of town for the weekend, spend your time exploring places you haven’t been to in your city. We spend the majority of our lives in one place and rarely get to say we’ve seen it all. Go explore one day and see if you can discover 5 new places you never knew existed. Write about what they were like, how you found them and how your view of the city you found so familiar has changed.

Test your senses

Listen to music at a very low volume, just barely enough to hear. Let your imagination fill in the gaps that you’re missing. What do you think you’re hearing? What would you add to make this incomplete song complete?

Lean into spontaneity

Imagine it’s a Saturday morning. It’s sunny outside, you have no obligations and you’re full of energy. What do you do? Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and see if they want to meet up. Go on an adventure, try a new hobby or activity.

Inspiration comes in many different ways and can strike anytime. If you’re truly open to receiving it, you’d be surprised about how much your current life already inspires what you do, how you act and what you create. Sometimes it’s not a matter of finding inspiration, but absorbing some that already surrounds you.

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