Best Music Production Apps For All Musicians

Best Music Production Apps - Composing, Editing and Arranging

There are so many music production apps to help musicians create a quality project, but with the seemingly endless selection, where do you start? Here are a few quick items to consider when you’re looking to get a music production app:

  • Experience level – Is this app meant to be played right out of the box or is there a learning curve? Check out a YouTube tutorial to get a feel for how easy this app is to use. More robust apps may be worth the time commitment to learn but you may be just as happy with a simpler app that’s very easy to use.
  • Customization – Are you looking for built-in presets and loops to mix and match or do you want to create and customize your instruments, effects, and features?
  • Price – Do all the elements above add up to a tool you’re willing to spend money on? Is there a free version you can test drive before you make the commitment?

Try some of these music production apps to dive into composing and arranging songs right on your phone or iPad.


GarageBand is a great tool for all levels of musicians. Record yourself or virtual instruments on up to 32 tracks and compose new songs on the fly with live loops. Arrange, mix and export your song right on your phone or iPad, making it extremely easy to go from idea to full song quickly. Check out this GarageBand tutorial for beginners to get a feel for what it’s like to get started.

Price: Free
Download Here


Auxy is extremely easy to get started making music immediately. It’s centered around a simple design that lets you stack instruments and tracks on top of each other seamlessly, making writing and producing a breeze (and just plain fun). Export audio to Soundcloud or stems to a digital audio workstation like Ableton Live to finish up your track. With esteemed producers like RAC singing it’s praises, it’s hard to deny Auxy’s place in the modern musician’s toolkit.

Price: Free (offers In-App Purchases)
Download Here

FL Studio Mobile

Including high-quality synthesizers, drum loops and samplers, FL Studio Mobile allows you to create multi-track projects easily and save to share with collaborators and your audience. A very intuitive design gives you the ability to arrange quick and easy tracks, with endless editing parameters and effects combinations. Here’s a great FL Studio Mobile tutorial if you decide to go with this option.

Price: $13.99
Download Here


Chord! allows you to drag and drop chords to create songs quickly, reverse search chords and look up custom fingerings. Find any scale imaginable and generate harmonizations to take your song to the next level. It’s hard to capture all the things Chord! is great for, check out this video to see all of the great uses for the app.

Price: $4.99
Download Here

Nano Studio 2

Nano Studio has everything you need to go from idea to fully exported master in one session. Compose, record, arrange, edit and mix complex sessions with out of the box virtual instruments or external AU instruments and audio/MIDI effects. Blip Interactive offers a free version of Nano Studio if you want to test it out but after a session or two, you’ll see that the price tag for Nano Studio 2 is well worth it.

Price: $24.99 (offers In-App Purchases)
Download Here

Figure – Make Music & Beats

From the company that brought you the infamous digital audio workstation Reason, Figure brings a powerful and intuitive punch to the music making app world. The tab navigation on the bottom of the screen breaks up your process into easy to digest sections. Compose music immediately using the Pattern section. Transform your chords by adding an arpeggiator or layer in effects and edit with XY automation in the Tweak section. Control the tempo, key, and levels in the Song and Mix sections. If you want to start making music out of the box, it’s hard to beat Figure.

Price: Free
Download Here

Auria Pro – Music Production

Clocking in a $49.99, Auria Pro is definitely not a cheap buy but its features and capabilities are well work the larger price tag. Composing, recording, mixing and mastering a robust project with professional quality tools and features. You can utilize project templates or start your song from the ground up, using unlimited audio and MIDI tracks as well as recording up to 24 tracks simultaneously. Creating a song on your iPad with Auria Pro may be the closest thing (and maybe a tad better in some areas) than using a computer. Take a tour of all the Auria Pro features and see why it’s a must-have if you’re creating very comprehensive projects.

Price: $49.99 (offers In-App Purchases)
Download Here

Music Maker JAM

The value in Music Maker JAM is plain and simple, it enables you to create music quick and easy, period. Use out of the box mix packs, instruments and loops to produce a quick song. Add effects and record your own vocals to lay on top of your track to give it a unique feel. Use the top tabs to sequence an entire song and share with your Facebook followers or the Music Maker community. Here’s a quick look at how easy it is to get a song started with Music Maker JAM.

Price: Free (offers In-App Purchases)
Download Here

Symphony Pro – Music Notation

A modern twist on a traditional composing style, Symphony Pro allows you to write music notation for an entire symphony very intuitively. Features like handwriting recognition and MIDI compatible keyboards, Symphony Pro is a must-have if you’re transposing from anything from lead sheets to chord charts or tabs.

Price: $14.99 (offers In-App Purchases)
Download Here

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