Best Audio Recording Apps For Musicians

Best Audio Recording Apps For Musicians

It’s a sunny day out, you’re taking a walk through the park and suddenly inspiration strikes. What app do you open? There are a lot of robust music making apps available, but most of the time all you need is a lightweight music and audio recording app to get your idea down fast and easily access it later. Try some of these top apps for recording quick ideas for storage, editing and sharing later.

Music Memos

Standout feature: Instant backing tracks based on your tempo and rhythm

It’s hard to beat the app made by Apple for Apple. Music Memos allows you to record and organize your musical ideas quickly so you don’t miss a beat. It also auto-detects your tempo and rhythm and allows you to playback with a backing track, giving your idea life right away. Rate and tag your songs for quick access and export to Garageband to continue your project.

Price: Free
Download Here


Standout feature: Amp modeling and in-app mixing/effects

FourTrack is a great 4 track recorder for demos or practice. Utilizing some basic but functional features like clip lights and track meters, FourTrack lets you quickly record, mix and edit your track with built-in amp modeling and master effects. Use the metronome and latency compensation to make sure your track is tight and on time. Bounce your idea to Dropbox to share with your bandmates or to keep a digital log of all your musical ideas.

Price: $4.99
Download Here

Just Press Record

Standout feature: Hands-free recording using Siri shortcut

Just Press Record is an awesome way to record anywhere, anytime, quickly. Unlimited recording space using your phone or iWatch lets you record freely. Transcribe lyrics you come up with on the fly for searchable transcriptions that automatically sync to all of your devices. Sync and share all of your tracks, as well as transcriptions via email or text, make this a smart tool for spontaneous feedback.

Price: $4.99
Download Here


Standout feature: Great quality for vocals

Originally built for podcasters, Ferrite allows you to record and polish your audio with built-in silence removal. Use dynamic compression and filtering, volume automation and auto-leveling to achieve clean audio tracks you can export to your favorite DAW and work with immediately. Check out this preview for a closer look at Ferrite.

Price: Free
Download Here


Standout feature: Organizational features and import/export directly to music-making apps

AudioShare is not only a great app for simple recording but excellent file storage and transfer managing. Create folders, add, rename and move files around with ease. Transfer audio files from virtually anywhere. As a result, you can take a file from your Dropbox and upload to Soundcloud, take an audio clip from your music-making app of choice and store it in AudioShare’s library. AudioShare will ensure that you’ll never misplace your song ideas again.

Price: $3.99
Download Here

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