Don't hide behind your 'work in progress' folder. Creative vulnerability is letting everyone see you in process.

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Starting a song, giving creative feedback, DIY workstations. A little help goes a long way towards better collaboration.

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Compare Digital Audio Workstations, virtual instruments or tools to help you help other musicians.

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Artist spotlights, lifestyle pieces and ideas from around the Kaizen Music Project to give you an extra boost of inspiration.

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About us

We are musicians that are tired of hiding behind our “work in progress” folders. We aim to create a platform for people to connect and encourage sharing works in progress, no matter how small.

Our mission

To empower musicians to take the plunge into constructive vulnerability in order to get through writer’s block and get the confidence to put your music out into the world, where it deserves to be.

Code of conduct

  • Respect is a better motivator than negativity.
  • Give credit where credit is due, small improvements compound quickly.
  • Work together, no one gets to the finish line alone.

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